Too often, I find that music attempting to be positive or telling you to “cheer up” can, unfortunately, fall flat and feel tacky or out of touch. However, what Qatari artist A.M.R presents on his track ‘Smile‘ is noticeably an earnest, passionate sentiment that leaves a strong impression. If you want to feel better, one way to do so is to hear the track that is out on Monstercat Silk.

“I’ve always loved using vocal chants in my work, but with ‘Smile’ I felt a much deeper connection between the vocals and the music itself. That powerful bond is most likely what kept me motivated to finish.

A.M.R – press release

Throughout, ‘Smile’ samples traditional chants from the Maasai tribe in Kenya, using his own field recordings with full co-operation from the tribe. It provides a sense of beauty and comfort, backing itself up with the production the artist formulized. Overall, it combines personal lived experience and recording alongside individual perspective to form a full track. There’s not a single pessimistic note, and it doesn’t come off in any way preachy or forced, as it’s a simple extension of an artist. A.M.R. is one artist we have to continue looking out for. As they say, sincerity is scary, but the artist comes through.

Listen to the latest release by A.M.R titled ‘Smile’ via Monstercat Silk, and immerse yourself in the soundscapes coming from the artist hailing from Qatar.