Yvng Jalapeño Released ‘Lunatic EP’ Via Jauz’ Label, Bite This!

Yvng Jalapeño is taking the bass world by storm, now releasing his Lunatic EP via Bite This!, the imprint owned by none other than Jauz. It comes as no surprise that he’s featured on the label when taking into consideration his production talents. This body of work hosts four tracks and borrows the talents of Wilo Wilde on two tracks, Jayceeoh, and Peytn.

First of all, the opening song ‘Losing Myself‘ a burning combination of decadent vocals, tense synth notes, and interesting drum break rhythms. Following, the huge drop takes synth stabs and glitchy production movements to a gripping point. If anything, one of the takeaways here is just how diverse and gripping the artist’s work is, all within one song. That’s not all, as this observation continues on ‘Clockwork‘ with Jayceeoh with the grand sweeping motions. Notably, the sound design varies greatly on this one while kicking up the fun and intensity, acting as a technical skill highlight.

From there, the title track ‘Lunatic‘ takes crunchy soundscapes to heart, proving that the preceding track isn’t the ceiling for the energy he can deliver. With the addition of hip-hop verses, this track brings everything into one melting pot of explosive excitement. Lastly, the concluding track ‘Another Day‘ leaves us on a warmer tone through its bed of warm pads which the silky vocals lie atop. As opposed to the whole listening experience, Yvng Jalapeño opts to take things down a notch for closure, yet retains the overall sonic palette and textures that make the project cohesive.

listen to Yvng Jalapeño deliver four heavy bass tracks through his Lunatic EP that released via Bite This! below.