Some times songs come together, as if they were always meant to be. Today, I bring you one such track, by the way a new collaboration between TATE SEDAR & Marty Barrick. The tune in question, is that of their track, ‘Code’. Last May just as covid was kicking off, TATE SEDAR played the EDC Las Vegas stream, which is how Marty Barrick came to know of the rising producer/ DJ. The budding stars connected over their affinity for early 2010′s EDM, and the rest is history.

Originally, Barrick sent the stems of his 2020 track ‘Code‘ to TATE SEDAR in hopes of a remix. Little did they know that the ensuing production would end up feeling like a “whole new thing“. To the point that the two felt as tho “it
could’ve been it’s own original
“. The two artists felt so strongly about the track, that this is exactly what happened. Fast foward to 2021 and we have ourselves the ‘new’ original, as planned.


TATE SEDAR & Marty Barrick’s ‘Code‘ features a theme in which requited love is compared to that of being “granted
access” to a computer or device. TATE SEDAR’s production compliments this technological metaphor with security
sound effects from Windows XP and other PC devices. In addition to this, Marty Barrick’s pairs a soft, lucid pop vocal with vintage synths, rave stabs, and even a metallic lead in the drop, courtesy of SEDAR.

If you’re a fan of percussive laden, bass-driven 4/4 house music, then I think this tune is for you. With a runtime of 3:28 this is a tune that you may want to play a time or two back, just to take it all in. With that being said, if you’re a fan of artists like Loopers, Martin Garrix, or his label STMPD RCRDS, then I think you’re going to love this one. TATE SEDAR & Marty Barrick new tune, ‘Code is out now, and can be streamed below. Enjoy!

TATE SEDAR & Marty Barrick – Code | STREAM