Take A Ride Through Space With Tinlicker’s Lost Gravity EP

Progressive house duo and Anjunadeep mainstay Tinlicker’s latest Lost Gravity EP takes you through the deepest explorations of space. Consisting of four tracks, these club hits uplift you to another dimension. The work of Jordi Van Achthoven and Micha Heyboer strikes again and hit you right in the feels with this one. This follows the success of their Sleepwalker EP from last year.

Lost Gravity‘, the title track, starts off as a song that you would hear a space movie open up to. The bassline pulses and twinkling synths enter in its background. The airy, space vibe surrounds the melody while other instrumentals join in. If Earth had a soundtrack to its movement in space, this would be one of the tracks. The horns that blare and the hard percussive kicks that follow charge this song’s mission forward. ‘Past Life‘ takes the galactic adventure further with sub-bass that makes your bodies sway. The hi-hats and the bouncing percussion give you a pleasant surprise as you listen further. They’re turning up the energy with this one, as that bass drop is killer. Ground control to Major Tom, we have lift off.

Watching Over You‘ might be the crowd favorite of the album, with its pristine production and flow from the previous two tracks. Its chill temperament combined with the deep progressive notes of the duo’s signature sound shine through. From the melody to the first verse that builds up into the first drop, it’s a sentient track that sends shivers into your ears. Closing out the EP is ‘Compound‘, the sinister-sounding synth track. Sirens blur and blare in the background while the melody dances. It’s a perfect dark room track for nights where you just can’t sleep.

The people still want ‘Voodoo‘ and ‘Light Beam‘ released and hopefully we see that in the future. For now, find your flow with Lost Gravity below.

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