REZZ Collabs With Dove Cameron on ‘Taste of You’

REZZ has released her collaboration with Dove Cameron called ‘Taste of You’. This track was first premiered during Secret Sky. It has the synoptic and tougher style of REZZ, but with a more sinister yet gentle touch on the part of Dove. Without a doubt, this is a perfect track for moments full of passion and love.

Space Mom did it again! This new track follows shortly after her collab with PVRIS on ‘Sacrificial’. On this occasion, we found out about her when REZZ commented on it on a broadcast, leaving everyone craving to listen to her song.

Dove Cameron is not only an actress, but she is also a dancer, model, and composer. Last year she released songs like ‘Remember Me’ and ‘We Belong’. She recently released the song titled ‘LazyBaby’, and now she has the pleasure of working with one of the best artists on the electronic scene.

“I’ve been a fan of REZZ forever so when she asked me to collaborate I lost my sh**. One of my fav songs I’ve ever done.”

Dove Cameron

Taste of You

 REZZ & Dove Cameron ‘Taste Of You’

Taste of You’ retains the distinctive sound design which many refer to as “the REZZ sound.” Together, the artists manage to create a very intimate atmosphere, interpreting that each one would die without the taste of the other. They manage to capture a fairly subtle idea, in which no matter how much you listen to it, the lyrics catch you – and it becomes contagious. This is truly a very unexpected collaboration with a great result.

It also shows that REZZ can use elements from a myriad of different styles and genres. We have seen her mixing metal with mid-tempo and now with post-punk. The new song promises to be a hit on the radio, just like ‘Someone Else’. While that happens, the most loyal fans are enjoying the single, which many consider being the best of REZZ in 2021.

REZZ & Dove Cameron – Taste of You