Nightclubs in Berlin Will Soon Be Considered Cultural Institutions

It’s a milestone moment for Berlin’s nightlife scene! The city’s nightclubs will soon be considered cultural institutions instead of entertainment sites. This shift comes after a unanimous vote yesterday as all parties agreed that clubs add demonstrable value to the city. The vote will head to the federal government for the final sign-off.

This comes after a year-long campaign from the multi-party Parliamentary Forum For Club Culture & Nightlife. Clubcommission, a collective of club owners and promoters, rightfully argued that clubs were “the pulse of the city.” According to the city’s statistics, clubs in Berlin attract around 3 million tourists annually. They also generate up to €1.5 billion of the local economy.

This change in status not only grants clubs rights to open in more parts of the city, but also the ability to benefit from tax breaks. Currently, cultural institutions include theatres, museums and concert halls. On the other hand, entertainment venues include betting shops, brothels, arcades, and cinemas.

Berlin Club Commission’s Pamela Schobeß applauds the decision accordingly.

With today’s decision, the Bundestag is sending a strong and long overdue signal to the republic. Music clubs are cultural institutions that shape the identity of city districts as an integral part of cultural and economic life… This helps to keep cities and neighborhoods alive and liveable and to protect cultural places from displacement.

Pamela Schobeß, Berlin Club Commission

Before this decision, the legendary Berghain was the only club with the status of a cultural institution.