Luttrell – Operation Midnight

Anjunadeep’s Luttrell just dropped ‘Operation Midnight‘. It’s uplifting and upbeat from the very start, and the amazing artistry is apparent, working with quick beats and surreal synths. Vocals echo in and out of the track in a stream of consciousness that beautifully blend in with the music. The dialogue, ‘Wait a minute / Okay’ is sprinkled into the song, making it even more real and introspective.

At the halfway point, there’s an interesting synth sequence that makes us think a darker soundscape is approaching. But, this ends up not being the case. Luttrell brings the listener back into a world of happiness soon after and wraps up the four and a half minute track positively. If you’re in the need of music to boost your mood, ‘Operation Midnight’ is definitely worth a listen.

You can listen to ‘Operation Midnight’ by Luttrell via Anjunadeep below!