Kantor – Floppy Disk

The producer Kantor released his new single club-ready single, ‘Floppy Disk‘, continuing his cyber-punk lineage. Creating the alias in 2020, the producer came through with a heater of a track, plastered with infectious grooves. Within the ranks of his grooves, ‘Floppy Disk’ marks one of his most memorable ones through a minimal touch.

“‘Floppy Disk’ is the next step forward in regards to the sound design I’ve dreamt of for many years. There was a desire to continue to meld the elements of Techno and Bass Music, and with ‘Floppy Disk’, the result was really fun. The lyrics are my take on someone who doesn’t understand old computers and is just confused, while using the play on words of “insert that hard copy” in both a literal and metaphorical way. The result turned out exactly how I wanted, and is sure to be an experience when listening in a car or with a sub!”


 Familiar pulsing house basslines work in tandem with light vocal topline provide a loose story and cultural context to the setting. Moreover, the production plays a critical role in the single’s ability to completely grab your attention and pull you into his realm. As seamless as it began, the track smoothly ends on the down-beat, leaving the listener with an urge to replay and enter the Kantor playground without a second thought.

Lastly, Listen to Kantor deliver his brand new track ‘Floppy Disk’ below.