HI-LO and T78 Teams Up For Techno Banger ‘Hades’

The great HI-LO, Oliver Heldens’ alter ego, and iconic Italian techno DJ/producer T78 present their surprising collaboration ‘Hades’.

Oliver Heldens has lately been on a continual search for underground techno sounds, ideal for a warehouse night. Under his old pseudonym HI-LO, he has come up with a fresh sound. This rhythm appeals to the origins of the electronic scene itself. Now together with T78, they present a track that alludes to the sounds of hell. The sounds of those to get into Hades to be more exact.

Following the Greek theme of his most recent productions, such as ‘Saw Of Olympus’ and ‘Kronos’, ‘Hades’ has vibrant voices and synths that do anything but go unnoticed. The track is something that will undoubtedly be a mainstay for playlists of many.

Hi-Lo & T78- ‘Hades’

HI-LO T78 Hades

The track combines the sound Oliver Heldens has been working on in recent months with the characteristic kicks of T78. Shortly after the introduction, we notice a mix of elements that are perfect for festival and club play. The hybrid between house and techno sounds makes ‘Hades’ something that can be enjoyed in many places, even in the afterlife.

The song is defined as a good introduction to the world of techno for those who do not know this fantastic scene. And yes it is, many new techno lovers will love this song and veterans will too. The track will undoubtedly unite those two communities.

You can listen to HI-LO & T78- ‘Hades’ below. ‘Hades’ is part of HI-LO’s upcoming two track EP. The other part of the two-track EP will be out next Friday, May 7, featuring a collaboration with Will Clarke titled ‘Check’.