Festival Season 2021 is becoming a real possibility for Europe again. Today The Netherlands is announcing that it will continue re-opening earlier than planned. It will reach steps 4 and 5 of the formal re-opening plan for the country.

June 30th will begin step 5, which means that large events and festivals can happen without entrance tests. Clubs can reopen under certain conditions with access to tests. Large festivals can continue with entrance tests and 75% capacity will be allowed.

As you may know, The Nethelands plays host to a number of major Summer festivals in Europe, so this will come as welcome news to many. At this point, the international travel situation remains a bit unclear, but things are trending in the right direction.

Interestingly, we were supposed to have an update on the plans for Tomorrowland in August/September by now but we have not yet heard anything further. We expect to learn more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for further updates!