Ferry Corsten & Tom Staar Join Together For ‘Glow’ feat. Darla Jade

After Tom Staar put a fresh and aggressive twist on Ferry Corsten‘s iconic track ‘Punk’, they now present a collaboration of their own. The name of the track is ‘Glow, and it’s ready to dominate charts, out through Armada Music.

Tom Staar continues to thrive with each passing month. The quality output from this artist in the studio is undeniable. Proving that notion is ‘We Found Love’, marking simply one of the releases he has starred in so far in 2021. On the other hand, Ferry Corsten continues to maintain his name as one of the living legends in trance.

Ferry Corsten & Tom Staar – Glow (feat Darla Jade)

Ferry Corsten Tom Staar Glow

On this occasion, the two artists got together with the electroscope singer Darla Jade to give a melodic touch to the track that shines by itself. The voice is immediately noticeable and enhances that trance vibe built by the producers. At the same time, it brings a euphoric touch that makes us close our eyes and dance to the rhythm of the notes and atmosphere.

As the sounds intertwine to form a unique structure, we get lost in the created landscapes. A journey that takes us to the best moments of our lives, where everything shines. Brimming with rich synths, blistering basslines, and manipulating leads that chop and change throughout, this track delivers an intense and emotion-filled listening experience. It’s definitely one which we’ll be repeating over and over.

Without a doubt, this acts as the perfect merger between both talents’ styles. The only thing we can hope for is more collaborations between these two characters in the not-too-distant future.

You can listen to Ferry Corsten & Tom Staar- ‘Glow’ below!