CAA Signs Eric Prydz To Bring Holosphere To The US

Eric Prydz’s Holosphere is coming to North America. This is not a drill! CAA just signed him and he’s going to return to the US with an even stronger music game. Having recently played III Points x Secret Project and Club Space Miami, we’re very excited about this news.

Billboard reports this is in an effort to bring his artistic vision to the US market. Alex Becket represents the techno house titan, but CAA’s Darryl Eaton, Hunter Williams, and Mac Clark will also work closely together on future projects. By now, we’ve marveled at this spectacle at Tomorrowland where he continues to blow us away. His ambitious future for concert tech is riveting and innovative. We expect nothing less from the three moniker stalwart.

“2021 will just be about seeing out those commitments and letting the dust settle in a post-COVID world. [This could] cement [Prydz’s] status as a truly unique and contemporary artist and a world leader in the dance space and production world.”

Alex Becket

Through years of development, the multi-story, transparent LED sphere transcends a multi-sensory experience throughout its audience. From laser beams to larger-than-life digital screens and colossal holographic effects, the world he creates is breathtaking. After the unfortunate cancellation of his shows due to scheduling conflicts, this passion project could bring back festival season in tremendous style. Prydz is pushing past old-crowd pleasers with pyrotechnics and confetti. Backed by his progressive sets that transport your mind to another dimension, our minds, bodies, and souls are ready for this.

We’re staying tuned for an event roster, so get excited for the Holosphere! It’s going to be EPIC.