Armin van Buuren & Tom Staar – Let Go

King of Trance Armin van Buuren recently collaborated with Tom Starr on bittersweet track ‘Let Go‘. It features a classic trance sound that’s expertly blended to be perfect for both the club and for solo listening.

The lyrics are particularly striking and highlight the internal conflict of someone who is unsure of whether or not they should let go. Armin’s new track starts out profoundly with the words ‘Why are you so afraid to be alone / How do you know that it’s time to let go’. The song goes on to explore this concept of letting go with the help of sorrowful synths and a quick tempo.

This is definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of Armin van Buuren’s sound. It shines through in ‘Let Go‘, especially at the halfway point, and is an excellent collaboration with Tom Staar. You can listen to ‘Let Go’ below.