[WATCH] Daft Punk’s Around The World Played On Giant Tesla Coils

After the French electronic music duo, Daft Punk announced their split, their prestigious tracks were again in the spotlight. Many artists of the EDM scene shared their tributes to the duo, who was one of the most respected and pioneers of the genre. Now, Fabricio H. Franzoli decided to share a version of Around The World using a set of Tesla coils.

Franzoli Around The World

Despite Tesla coils being not considered as musical instruments, the result is amazing. Tesla coils are always a must-see at a science event, but this is taking things to a whole new level. Tesla coils make a loud sound which is apparently difficult to control. If we get deep into the science, we learn that the sound they create is produced when nearby air molecules are heated and start to vibrate, and by adjusting the frequency, Tesla coil switches on and off every second, the pitch of the sound they create can also be adjusted.

Franzoli Electronics Performs Around The World by Daft Punk with Tesla Coils

Franzoli Electronics is an electronic expert who carefully adjusts the “phase, pulse width and firing frequency” of the sparks emitted. Thanks to his skills, Franzoli is able to recreate recognizable pieces of music. If you take a look at his Youtube channel, you can find recreations of tracks by Alan Walker, Queen, and many more. With the shocking news of Daft Punk splitting up, the artist decided to bring one of Daft Punk’s most famous tracks. You can check Franzoli using Tesla Coils to play Around The World in the embed below.

Daft Punk’s legacy will last forever as they laid the foundations of a part of the EDM scene. Just a few days after the duo announced their split, collectible sales increased 2650%. Daft Punk left us with a very valuable legacy and numerous tributes to this duo. If you want to read more about Daft Punk’s career, do not miss the chance to check this editorial.