VNTM Releases Two Track EP ‘Deceiving Tendencies’

Producer and DJ VNTM has released two new tracks off his new EP, Deceiving Tendencies. The two single release is a heavy hitter with a total runtime about fourteen minutes. Both tracks bring something different to the table and keep on giving.

Deceiving Tendencies

‘Deceiving Tendencies’ lives up to its name in the way that how you think this track will go isn’t accurate and that’s the best part about it. This track is an incredibly technical force. It sounds quite simple upon first listen then when you really get into the depths it shows you all these layered sounds that add such a brilliant intensity.

The song pulls you along at first with a driving bass built upon with technical glitches. Then it moves into a more melodic approach with the lead coming in with these wonderful spring-like hits that track around you and flow through it all. It soon after hits with lighter melodic keys and then brings in a swell of melodic chords that then drive into an arpeggiated pattern that breaks everything up just for a moment like a breath of fresh air then drives you back into obscurity.

‘Deceiving Tendencies’ makes you work to separate every little detail because not everything is in your face. Which brings an elegance to the layering.

Disrupting Machines

Disrupting Machines‘ is most certainly the more somber of the two tracks. It’s a techno warehouse wonder. The bass isn’t as prominent as ‘Deceiving Tendencies’ but what’s more are the blips settled in the little alcoves of the song that do bring an almost Ex Machina vibe. Which proves it doesn’t stray too far from its namesake. It’s as if you’re gathering data and it’s scattered across but you have to put it all back together before time runs out which gives this song a bit of urgency. Not in a bad way, just building a tension that isn’t like action movie level but something of a psychological thriller.

The track ends as it wains away from the more technical and it’s like you’re hyper-focused on the one thing keeping it all in place. The bass. Which has been there the whole time but the technical blips with their cavern-like quality echo off these unseen walls so your focus tends to face those first once in the meat of the song. But then, VNTM brings your mind back to that bass and everything just fits together and you feel the urgency that was there is settling down.

VNTM has put together two stunning tracks that are thematically darker tracks but at the same time, there’s a sort of peace that flows with them. It blends two worlds together of late-night techno with something almost as uplifting as a trance melody. These will easily find a home easily in DJ crates that really enjoy the darkness they have to offer while allowing that feeling of being in the moment while also being outside of it.