Vindata Unveil Third Album Single, ‘One Time’ With Kaydence Via Monstercat

With their forthcoming album on the horizon, duo Vindata unveiled the third single, ‘One Time‘, and it has them teaming up with Kaydence. As with the previous releases and what’s to come, their tracks arrive via the esteemed Monstercat label. The duo’s album is titled …With Opened Eyes, and it will be out for all to hear on June 4!

With each release, Vindata have been establishing their distinct sound which is rooted in R&B. Nonetheless, they give it a spin with the electronic elements leaving a personalized print on each track they release. In addition, each release is always imbued with purpose and meaning. In this instance, Kaydence spoke on ‘One Time’:

“’One Time’ is about that moment you completely let your guard down and allow yourself to be vulnerable. It’s an intense feeling based on fear, happiness, and potentially love. We spend our time reflecting on what we think love is based on – our most recent experiences – but let’s just live in the experience and hope it grows into true love.”

Kaydence – press release

‘One Time’ introduces itself with silky and gripping vocals alongside the soft production, with one vocal hook topping the other. Reaching the chorus, the electronic elements become more prominent especially with the pitched vocal-chops which control the melody in tandem with the synth leads. Overall, the collaboration between the artists has a groove and infectious swing to it that demands replay.

Listen to Vindata and Kaydence team up on ‘One Time’ via Monstercat below!