Sunny Lax Releases ‘Controlled Chaos’ EP on Anjunabeats

Sunny Lax has provided another moment of progressive enjoyment amidst the pandemic with the release of his latest EP on Anjunabeats. Its name is Controlled Chaos, which throughout its notes shows how beautiful chaos and disorder can be in the universe.

What is chaos? Mythology mentions it as the primary force existing before the gods themselves. In fact, it can make parallels with what possibly was before the big bang. Chaos is the beginning and the end of things, apparently. Chaos is defined as the unpredictable, which can arise from several joint phenomena for no apparent reason. Although it sounds terrifying, the truth is that chaos allows the very existence of everything in the universe.

Controlled Chaos is a work that refers to those unpredictable periods of history that are reconfigured to form something more. Throughout the notes and the build-up, Sunny Lax presents us with a journey to the ends of the universe. Nobody knows what is in those places, but we are sure of something, from our perception we observe that point as the beginning of everything. At the same time, it refers to these moments of the pandemic, where uncertainty reigns. If we manage to make that chaos a controllable phenomenon, we can arrive at the beginning of something completely interesting and beautiful. “There is Beauty in chaos, magnificence in the uncontrollable” a phrase that I heard once, that phrase describes exactly the title track of the EP, and those that accompany it as well.

Sunny Lax Controlled Chaos

Sunny Lax- ‘Controlled Chaos’ Journey From The Past To Present

Stardust’ in an energetic and explosive way, shows us our origins as living beings – the very movement that causes chaos. We are stardust, the product of violent explosions within these huge balls of primary elements. Their birth creates the essential building blocks for life and their death as well. The song, apparently in the form of space atmospheres and progressive build-ups, shows us that process when the star makes such strident mergers that they end up killing it. At the same time it allows the birth of others and also the emergence of planets and living beings.

While ‘Neowise’ makes reference to a telescope that in 2020 discovered a peculiar comet. The track is the calmest of the three that make up the EP. Describing its journey through outer space as environmental sounds and spatial design. The stellar objects are responsible for bringing the essential elements to life. Their visits always mean something interesting to all human beings.

In summary, Sunny Lax throughout this fantastic production, proposes a journey to the origins of the space in which we are a part of. Understanding that situations like the one that is happening can be the beginning of something incredible. Everything is a question of waiting. From more singles like Sunny’s to the answer to our deepest questions.

You can listen to Sunny Lax- Controlled Chaos EP below and enjoy this beautiful journey.