Solomun – The Center Will Not Hold

It’s been a busy year so far for Solomun, and he’s back yet again with ‘The Center Will Not Hold’. This new release comes shortly after ‘Tuk Tuk‘, and in addition to his monthly Momentum mix.

‘The Center Will Not Hold’ starts off cool and smooth, showcasing the Bosnian-German’s expert production skills. It features moody, speedy synths and a mysterious soundscape that draws you in. The finale is a powerful buildup, and the track concludes with an unforgettable intensity.

If you’re in need of new music, look no further. ‘The Center Will Not Hold’ is definitely worth checking out. It’s a track that’s simultaneously melodic and captivating while highlighting the incredible work of Solomun. You can listen to both the original version and the club edit of the track below.