An explosive new Sander van Doorn production is here! Titled ‘What You Want‘ this progressive house track is a banger ready for the club dance floors. We see its release on his own imprint, Doorn Records.

It starts off with a bass thumping countdown, with cosmic synths echoing up and down. As soon as that ends, the massive 90s rave drop hits you like a wave of nostalgia. The good ol’ days are back with Sander as the vocals chime in. “Every little thing you want, every little thing you need” sing as the heartbeat bass line continues to pound throughout the piece. It’s retro, it’s hype, and it’s a dance track we need. At the break down, the muffled vocals remind us of house music at its finest. Enticing you as it builds up, you want to hear more of its infectious beat. We can’t wait for this track to be played at clubs, giving off its warehouse vibes.

Doorn is actually picking up the pace with this one. His past 2021 release ‘Golden‘ featuring Blondfire and ‘Temper Temper‘ with ONR follow a more melodic, chill pace. But we cherish his aesthetic as a generation-defining artist. Constantly reshaping our perception of what dance music is, Sander is well tenured in the industry. While he didn’t get to play as Purple Haze at Airbeat One Festival or Mysteryland, the Dutchman’s progressive house legacy lives on. The risks he takes and the moves he makes do not falter. He can be soft and sultry or sharper, darker, and rougher in sound. The stand-out vocals he uses create synergy within his pieces.

The track has been played by industry greats like Yves V, Fedde Le Grand, Firebeatz, and Spinnin’ Sessions 413. Listen to what the craze is all about below.

Sander van Doorn – What You Want | Buy/Stream