Porter Robinson Unveils Tracklist for Nurture Album

It’s been seven years. SEVEN YEARS since Worlds was released. During that time, Porter Robinson has not been completely silent when it comes to giving us music to listen to. As many of you know, Shelter with Madeon kept us moving. He also released “Shepherdess-shehealseverything” in 2020. He’s released a few tracks from the album that’s coming out in 10 days. But now, we know that it’s all real. He’s released the tracklist. It’s actually happening. Nurture is just around the corner.

Whether you’re a huge Porter fan or just dabble with his music occasionally, I bet you’re going to press play on all or some of the tracks. The titles alone make it very tempting to put on. “Lifelike”, “Blossom”, and “Trying to Feel Alive”, it’s most likely going to be hard to find to pick a favorite. Check out the full list below!

In just 10 more days, we’ll be able to hear them all. This has a very good chance of being the album of the year. It’s still possible to purchase the box set and more from his store. Check it out here! Let the music play.