Porter Robinson Releases ‘Nurture’ Album And Takes Us On A Perfect Journey

After 7 years, Porter Robinson’s sophomore album is finally here. It is titled ‘Nurture’. It contains 14 songs. And it is a whole new chapter in Porter Robinson’s musical career. I won’t lie. This might be the most expected album of 2021 inside the EDM industry. And thankfully, here I am. Writing my review for Porter Robinson’s new album ‘Nurture’. So, let’s get into it!

porter robinson on Twitter: "i have a surprise announcement — on top of  Look at the Sky coming out today, i can also finally tell you the album  release date: Nurture will

‘Nurture’ The Beginning of the Journey

And so, we begin our journey inside Porter Robinson’s album ‘Nurture’. After a beautiful intro, piano only, we enter the first ‘actual track’. ‘Look At The Sky’ delivers a beautiful set of lyrics and melodies, along with a pretty amazing groove that will definitely get you moving and dancing all around the place. The lead melody is somewhat melancholic yet happy at the same time. A beautiful start.

As we jump onto our next track ‘Get Your Wish’, things start to fit together. Now that I’ve listened to the first track, I can put them together, and enjoy it even more. I really liked ‘Get Your Wish’ when it came out. It has a beautiful fusion between acoustic elements and this melodic bass type of feeling. A huge wave of human essence, crashing onto you powered by Porter’s vision. Hopefully, every Porter Robinson’s fan will get their wish with ‘Nurture’.

For the next track, ‘Wind Tempos’, I can only say, wow. Wow. Wow. What is this?! This has to come from another galaxy. I have no doubt. It is a perfect transition, taking you to an unknown place. Coming out of a totally different world. And arriving at a place filled with peace. It reminded me of the ‘Shelter’ video, with Rin waking up in outer space. Confused, yet filled with a feeling. A feeling so strong it tops every other feeling.

Nurture in a single picture : porter robinson

Journey Continues

We open this second part with ‘Musician’. Out of all the ‘Nurture’ tracks Porter released, this was my least favorite. However, after listening to the way it pairs with ‘Wind Tempos’, I like it much more. The first compasses are still my favorite, however, the song has a much deeper feeling now. The lyrics hit way harder than before, and I won’t deny the questions will continue to resonate in my head.

After ‘Musician’ we move on to ‘Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do’. What a lovely song. From the guitar intro, to the playful way electronic sounds, space sounds and acoustic sounds are once again mixed together, this might be my new happy go to track. Step by step, I’m started to feel a bit nurtured.

The seventh track of ‘Nurture’ is titled ‘Mother’. A way stronger track, the energy this track exudes is something different from what we’ve heard so far. It is, in my opinion, one of the most healing tracks in this album. It’s a sunny day, filled with birds, but with that robot feel. I can’t quite describe what the lyrics make me feel. But they are so powerful. So filled with energy, and with a comforting message. I hope you can feel it the same way as I felt it, cause this was the first song that made my eyes teary. Thank you, Porter. Thank you so much.

Porter Robinson lanza su nuevo álbum de estudio: Nurture - Majo Montemayor

Beautiful Journey

‘dullscythe’ is our next track. As a producer, I can do nothing but bow down to this one. Porter pulls on a whole show. Something that surprises you step by step. It’s hard to follow the trail, but it slowly amounts into something else. Into a whole composition of sounds. What seems to have no clear path evolves into a trail. A bridge. A heavenly one. It just keeps building on, stacking energy. Like a huge buildup. I’m sorry, I’m new to such a complex album. I try to describe it as good as I can, and hopefully, this will help you share a journey.

Onto the ninth song. ‘Sweet Time’ sounds like a poem written by Porter, dedicated to someone. It talks about the way life is with someone by your side. Not someone, but the right person. There are small piano bits in there that, to me, sound like they’re influence by jazz. I did not notice that as much in other tracks, and it made this one really enjoyable. Then, the chorus voices appear. You’ll know once you listen to it. Oh, you’ll definitely know.

After ‘Sweet Time’ comes ‘Mirror’, another track previously released by Porter. ‘Mirror’ for me, perfectly defines the bridge between ‘Worlds’ and ‘Nurture’. It brings that Porter essence, that grandiosity, but puts it on a more personal level. It’s like compressing all of the energy into one object and then feeling that object.

Porter Robinson

End of the Journey

For the last part of the journey, we begin with my favorite early release. ‘Something Comforting’ is a song that makes me cry a bit every time I listen to it. The lyrics connect with me on a whole different level. They’re so crushing, yet they give you hope. And the drop. Oh god. That drop. It’s amazing. It makes me feel so complete. So happy. It’s like breaking a glass jar with all of your feelings inside it. ‘Something Comforting’ might still be my favorite ‘Nurture’ track, and it will definitely become one of Porter’s all-time classics.

Three more songs. Up next is ‘Blossom’. An acoustic track. A peaceful bridge, or interlude. In the midst of every journey, it is important to take a moment to stop and look at the full picture, before the moment’s gone. This is exactly what ‘Blossom’ feels like to me. It’s a beautiful pause to sit down and realize what a great moment we are experiencing.

Unfold’ is the penultimate track. The only collaboration inside ‘Nurture’. Featuring Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, unfold goes from 100 to a million in a second. It’s such an assault in every sense it took me a moment to fully process it. This is not what I expected from this track. ‘Unfold’ was the last song released before ‘Nurture’s premiere. I decided to wait and listen to it as part of the whole album, and I’m glad I did. The transition from ‘Blossom’ is something really special, and transmits a whole different ending. As I wrote that last sentence, the second drop hit, and I just had to take a moment from writing to take it all in. It’s amazing that just two people can create something so powerful. So breathtaking. So, perfect.

Trying To Feel Alive

Our last song is titled ‘Trying To Feel Alive’. We’re here. This is ‘Nurture’s end. The journey is over, and I’m so glad I got to experience it. With this last track, the feeling of everything being glued together invades you. Coming out of such a beautiful journey and into such a final song is something iconic. Exactly how I want it to finish. Exactly how I want every album to finish. Putting a final period on it. The chorus, the lyrics, the hope-filled lead. I don’t want to write more about this one. Listen to it.

Final Thoughts

Listening to an album in one sit is something important. Something else. I’m in awe. ‘Nurture’ Porter Robinson’s new album is amazing. I love it. Every single part of it. How well put together it is. I hope this review can help you understand the way I feel about this new album. The way you feel about it is up to you. Thank you, Porter Robinson, and congratulations!

Stream ‘Nurture’ Porter Robinson’s sophomore album out now!