Nora En Pure Presents ‘Oblivion / Thermal’ EP

The acclaimed house-techno producer Nora En Pure presents her latest double single Oblivion / Thermal EP. The two tracks show a clear duality between the styles handled by the talented producer which holds true to the sentence “opposites attract”.

Nora En Pure has done it again by presenting us with quality work that only she can achieve. In her most recent EP, she explores the dualities that allow life: dark-light, cold-heat, and bad-good. The EP follows her success with her latest single and performance at the mountains of Gstaad in Switzerland.

Nora en Pure Oblivion EP

‘Thermal‘ pushes us on a journey full of bio-instrumental sounds such as the sensation of being in a forest. All this is built while in the background is a constant tech house sound that gives a feeling of comfort and tranquility. Piano keys are joined together by soft violin notes continuing the journey into a musical landscape. One that is majestic and calm at the same time. All those elements converge in a smooth crescendo that dissipates just as it all began.

While ‘Oblivion’ starts out as smooth as ‘Thermal’, but soon after it takes on a completely different meaning. The sound moves a bit away from the earth to present an environment of an area closer to the stars and space. Haunting notes spiral upward to explore with deeper and darker house sounds. The sounds are flowing harmoniously and at the same time chaotically throughout the song, showing the natural chaos of space. The entire work takes us on an interstellar journey, where we run into many disturbing phenomena.

You can listen to Nora En Pure- Oblivion / Thermal EP below!