Luccio Drops Tantalizing Remix Of Paul Thomas’ ‘Sweet Harmony

The love for dance music is at an all-time high, and I for one, am here for it. Everything from house & techno, to trap & dubstep, has seen an increase in their respective fanbase. One genre whose fanbase has never really wavered but only grown is that of trance & progressive. It’s easy to see why when you actually dive into the genre, as it’s deep, hypnotizing, and even euphoric at times. For the perfect example of this, I would direct you to rising star, Luccio. He is known for combining “concepts of Trance, Progressive, Techno & House to create his own unique expressive sound”. This can easily be heard in his new remix of Katherine Amy & Paul Thomas‘ track, ‘Sweet Harmony‘..

Luccio‘s remix of ‘Sweet Harmony‘ starts off quick with an awesome rolling bass-line that I think could get anyone moving. This is paired with the drums & vocals, which are shortly followed by the synths. If you’re into progressive, trance, or even melodic techno, I think you’re going to love this one.

With a runtime of 3:14, this is a tune that you may not mind playing a time or two more. With that being said, Luccio‘s remix of ‘Sweet Harmony‘ is out now  Future Sound Of Egypt. It was released as part of FSOE’s UV Miami Compilation. You can can check out the full compilation, here. Enjoy!

Paul Thomas & Katherine Amy – Sweet Harmony (Luccio Remix) |STREAM

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