Ibiza Wants To Open Nightclubs For Summer

Ibiza is slowly but surely coming back to normal, with their efforts in trying to restore their Balearic tourism. Just today, the Leisure Association of Ibiza requested that the Balearic government open clubs starting in June. We are not here to report how much we need Ibiza festival season, only how they are progressing. It’s interesting to compare their proceedings compared to ours.

What’s Been Going On

Currently, the country is applying a specific action protocol with health security measures. They presented the protocol via video conference with the Minister of Economic Model, Tourism, and Labor, and Director of Occupational Health. The association also stated that they will continue to give priority to health and the Ibiza brand because they represent 38 venues. Hotels, beach restaurants, and nightclubs play a vital role in their tourism.

The goal is to implement all necessary measures in compliance with the authorities to ensure security and confidence among staff and clientele. What exactly does the protocol entail? All customers must be vaccinated and have a digital green certificate stating their vaccination status. They must also report if they had COVID-19. If they don’t have a Digital Green Pass, they need to have a negative PCR performed within the last 72 hours. This is for enclosed space entry.

As Spain opens up for spring, that means their neighbor island is sure to see some excitement as well. The Spanish prime minister urges everyone to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. They want to be the beacon of the resurrection of tourism in all the world, according to Mixmag. Of course, everyone wants to avoid another 2020, especially during summer when so much has been lost from touring.

Vaccine passports still aim to be their element of safe mobility, and a way to open things back up safely. Now, Ibiza opened up its bars and restaurants on outdoor terraces. They’re hoping that travel restrictions in the UK will lift along with the rest of the world so that travelers can pick here as their destination. British visitors just so happen to be their main market. As we watch how rapidly the vaccines make their way into bodies, we’ll see how that affects the re-openings of countries.

Source: Mixmag