UPDATE: Pasquale Rotella Confirms EDC Vegas for May 2021

Update: Around 8:30pm EST Pasquale Rotella confirmed EDC will take place over the original single weekend in May

Pasquale Rotella confirmation

Insomniac has yet to announce if this year’s EDC Las Vegas will be taking place in May of this year, however it seems we may have an answer. Festival Owl confirms the organizers are going ahead with the original dates. In addition, a fan found that the festival production company has set up job postings for the event, specifying travel for the summer date.

Two Weekends?

Festive Owl tweeted that EDC Las Vegas is confirmed to go ahead for May, with some restrictions. Speculations state that the event will be held over two weekends, as they need to confirm capacity by April 14th. So it’s definitely on for May, but the question is whether the capacity will be 100% of 50%. If it’s 50% then EDC will be split over two weekends.

Permits have not yet been issued, but planning around different capacity scenarios is happening. Some people are not happy about sacrificing the full experience this year, but what you do think?

According to Festive Owl, there will not be proof of vaccination or negative test requirements. However, mask requirements will be in place.

Job Postings Confirm May Dates

Insomniac’s job postings reveal organizers are already hiring for the event. Although this may not seem very shocking, the information reveals an interesting detail. Under “Work Environment,” the festival brand specifies employees must be available to travel in May. Therefore, it seems the event is taking place in the summer.

Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella released an update on March 25 about the future of the event. According to his statement, the festival will return in May if their safety plan is approved. He states an official decision will be made no later than April 8.

There has been a constant debate as to whether Insomniac should hold the Las Vegas festival in May or postpone to October. Recently, travel to the United States was banned in countries, such as the UK. This prevents attendees from outside the U.S. from attending the event.

It’s going to be a huge push for the month and a half ahead. We don’t know if the state of Nevada has accepted events without proof of vaccination or a negative test. Perhaps, they don’t mind. This could be a huge discussion for debate for some. While for others, it’s time to let the monster out of the cage.

We know it’s been heavy for us and we just want to party. Insomniac will do whatever it takes to put on a good show with respect to COVID-19 regulations. It’s a race to the finish line. We will find out more of a confirmed date soon.

Stay tuned.

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