Dive Deep Into The Abyss With Anjunadeep Explorations 17

Just as we expected, Anjunadeep Explorations 17 is out now. It features four progressive melodic tracks from Spencer Brown, Sebastian Sellares, RIGOONI, and Mango & A.M.R. For those that don’t know, Fingerprint is the new project between Tony McGuinness of Above & Beyond and Spencer Brown. Feast your ears on these fresh new tracks.

We’ve already reviewed ‘Santorini‘, but there’s no harm in reliving its cascading synths with bouncy drums. Both artists’ production techniques shine through nicely in this one. Argentinian producer Sebastian Sellares debuts on Anjunadeep with ‘Garden of Eden‘, a bold, ambient, and melodic piece with swaying drum patterns. While listening, he takes you on an auditory journey so deep, you will catch yourself in a trance. It is just over nine minutes so buckle up for the ride. It’s perfect for listening to while working or driving.

Petrichor‘ comes from Brazilian producer RIGOONI, and is light and airy in melody. I envision myself wandering a jungle to this as the percussive instrumentals are so delicate. They’ll fill your ears with a peaceful atmosphere. His production skills prove to be immaculate in this track. No wonder he’s earned releases on Balanced Music, The Soundgarden, and Higher States. We’re getting major Lane 8 vibes.

Finally, ‘Central Park‘ closes out the EP. This is a collaboration between Mango and A.M.R, who hail from Sevastopol and Qatar respectively. They have releases on Monstercat Silk, which is why this track sounds the way it does. It is chill, it is deep, it is progressive. The melody is carried by light piano chords and it carries an angelic soundscape.

Dive into exploration with Anjuna and listen to the compilation below.

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