Derek From SLANDER Gets Candid About Struggles During 2020

The importance of Mental Health continues to be seen both in and out of the music industry. A topic that once seemed taboo has in recent years become more visible. Gone are the days where people felt as though they had to suffer in silence. Most are now aware that this is a problem not unique to them, but rather shared by many. Some of the world’s biggest artists have spoken out about their own personal struggles. SLANDER’s Derek just shared a big thought piece on his own struggles.

In a birthday post on April 12, Derek shared a heartfelt note from the official Slander Facebook page. Within the post, he decided to reflect on how exactly he’s felt over the past year+. He touches on putting the Eye Tour on hold so that he could get married. And continues on as to how he returned to a completely different world than the one he left behind.

SLANDER Facebook Post

He continues on, and speaks on how he was unsure if he even wanted to continue performing at one point. The topic changes to him remembering why he got into creating music in the first place, which is something that I personally vibe with.

He speaks on how over the past year, he was able to re-align with his purpose and re-ignite the fire inside of him. He also speaks about how SLANDER is coming bigger, and better than ever. They plan on debuting the biggest project, they’ve ever worked on.

He finishes up his birthday post, by sharing a genuine appreciation for all of SLANDER’s fans, and followers. He touches on how none of this would be possible without them, and personally thanks the reader for sticking through with them despite the disappearance of live music & shows.

It’s rather interesting to hear this take coming from an artist as renowned as Slander. We all know how stressful 2020 has been for the rest of us. Heartfelt posts such as this help remind us that our favorite artists are humans just like us at the end of the day. With that being said, I look forward to live shows making a comeback, we all know we could use them right about now. To check out the original post, click here.