Cristina Soto Unveils Acoustic Rendition of Her Classic Track With Tritonal, ‘Lifted’

We all have to remember the classic track by Tritonal alongside Cristina Soto, ‘Lifted‘, which left a mark upon release. Not to forget the exceptional remix by Mat Zo which made massive waves, retaining heart to this day. With all that in mind, Cristina Soto decided to create an acoustic rendition of ‘Lifted’, breathing individual and brand new life to it. This comes as the track is nearing its 10 year anniversary, all while she’s revisiting tracks, turning them acoustic.

“I was so excited to rework ‘Lifted’ as an acoustic mix because the progression, melodies, and lyrics are strong, and I felt that it could stand the test of time,” shared Soto. “The message of imperfect love is also still a relevant one.”

Cristina Soto – press release

Cristina recording included Robert Soto on guitars and drums, Omar Vallejo on bass, and Haydn Vitera on strings. Within, the singer carves a moving and passionate composition through the instruments. Once her vocals come through the track, the soft tones create a reminiscent sound which takes us back. Simultaneously, the refreshing touch of this coming together leaves us wanting more work from the artist, and we hope to get that soon.

Listen to Cristina Soto render ‘Lifted’ into an acoustic mix