Cercle Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Cercle Of Fortune Prizes

Livestream media platform, Cercle, is having a gift giveaway in the form of a familiar TV show. They announced Cercle of Fortune on their Facebook page today, in celebration of their 5th anniversary. Congratulations to them! They’ve brought us so many unique experiences through their immaculate filming and broadcasting around the world’s prime locations. We live vicariously through them!

“We decided to celebrate this very special anniversary together and launch our first ever Cercle of Fortune! We’ll also broadcast an exclusive radio show next Monday with all the team and some surprise guests. The Cercle of Fortune will be on until the 20th of April at 00h CET. Winners will be announced on Wednesday 21st! Enjoy, and good luck!

We will never thank you enough for your unwavering support and we hope we will get to meet you back on the dancefloor very soon! After a crazy year, we can’t wait to share our newest projects with you. Thanks to each one of you for being a part of this incredible journey. Much much love, The Cercle Team

Cercle on Facebook
The Details

Click here to enter the Cercle of Fortune. You just might win some incredible gifts. Winners either get the gold ticket, silver ticket, lifetime ticket, or the Cercle Experience. Whoever holds the gold ticket gets the choice between the other two tickets! The lifetime ticket winner gets access to every show with an audience forever. You even get a plus one, to share unlimited dancing at all the shows and festivals. Transportation and accommodation are not included though. The Cercle Experience gets you the ability to follow the crew around and watch what happens behind the scenes.

Production is no easy feat, and now you will know what goes into making a Cercle show. From the pressure to the relief, you’ll see it all. Transport, food, housing, everything will be included for this newest Cercle Member. A silver ticket winner receives a plus one with exclusive access passes to every show or festival for five years. Lastly, 20 lucky winners will receive an emblematic Sennheiser HD-25 light headset. Wow! Good luck everyone!