Armin van Buuren‘s classic ‘Rain’, has received a deep rework by Ferry Corsten‘s new project called FERR. This version further enhances the reassuring quality of the song while giving it a more melancholic touch.

Under Armin’s third studio album, we find a song with Cathy Burton’s beautiful vocals, perfect to liven up the party. However, unlike other works on the album, it has a sad and reflective essence. There is a little hidden message nestled in there: inspiration and creativity can come like rain right in those not-so-good moments.

2020-2021 has probably been one of the worst years for humanity and that isn’t an understatement at all. The pandemic has undoubtedly wreaked a lot of havoc on the mood in society. Although, in these periods of sadness and depression, we can find a sense of calm and peace that feels like a rain breeze in summer after a drought.

That is what captured what in my opinion is one of the most underrated tracks of the trance legend. Now Ferry Corsten amplifies the song’s essence and transposes it to 2021, with the new deep and ambient project he has under his hands.

FERR’s Deep Rework To Armin van Buuren- ‘Rain’

 Rain FERR Rework

Rain’ features a somber undertone that rings true through the track. Add ambient and deep elements that represent the sensation of rain falling on a window. In this way, it alludes to how many of us have felt throughout the pandemic.

At the same time, this version further enhances ‘Rain’s hidden message. We are not alone at any time, although these moments of confinement make us feel otherwise. We are all one even though we live many miles apart, speak different languages, and have different cultures.

‘Rain’ is undoubtedly a track that continues to evoke feelings of togetherness during hard times. At the same time, it feeds our sense of peace and tranquility to continue fighting against our bad times.

You can listen to Armin van Buuren Feat Cathy Burton- ‘Rain’ (FERR By Ferry Corsten Rework below).