Andrew Rayel Releases Find Your Harmony 250 Anthem, ‘My Harmony ’

Andrew Rayel is celebrating 250 episodes of Find Your Harmony. At the moment, he presents the anthem of this edition that is titled ‘My Harmony’, creating a track that explores his melodic sounds.

Andrew Rayel fans, did you miss those piano melodies that touch our deepest feelings? Wait no more, he brings it back in full force on this track. Without a doubt, this marks a listening delight that will make many fans of Rayel remember the good times.

Following the release of masterpieces that elevate us such as ‘Silver Lining’, Andrew Rayel is an artist that always leaves a mark with every single. Simultaneously, the artist presents his melody and natural harmony which he was searching for and fortunately found. The sound he explores defines him as a human being. A clear musical manifestation, acting as that unique essence that is explored in of itself through music.

Andrew Rayel- ‘My Harmony’ Find Your Harmony 250 Anthem

Andrew Rayel My Harmony

In short, the anthem encompasses everything that Rayel’s radio show consists of. From the darkest sounds typical of a festival to the most melancholic and disruptive songs you can find. A concept that started as a dream, then an album, a radio show, and a label were made until it reached what we know as Rayel’s enormous legacy.

Find Your Harmony was started back in 2012 with a single goal in mind: to help out aspiring artists. I had the help I needed at the start of my career. I know for a fact that I couldn’t have reached this point in my career without the guidance of the people I had around me. Furthermore, I dreamed of being a DJ and producer when I was still a kid. I’d like to give back and make sure that Find Your Harmony is a place for all the dreamers out there.

Andrew Rayel

My Harmony’ presents elements of the new sound that the Moldovan DJ and producer has been handling. At the same time, it is accompanied by an immensely melodic piano. That makes this trip something between the origins of trance and the sound of Andrew Rayel himself.

You can listen to Andrew Rayel – ‘My Harmony’ below!