Tisoki and Grabbitz Team Up To Release ‘Rolls Royce’ Via Monstercat

We’re all familiar with the names, or at the bear least should be, but Tisoki and Grabbitz finally team up to create ‘Rolls Royce‘. The track is out now via Monstecat. Throughout, the track proves how great both artists mesh their unique sounds together.

“Super excited to put out this single with my long-time friend Grabbitz. I feel it’s a perfect combination of our styles which we have both spent many years evolving.”

Tisoki – press release

Kicking off, pulling synth pads gracefully intertwine with Grabbitz’ sultry vocals. From there, the soft-toned pianos followed by the riser subvert expectation away from the heavy, bass-infused drop. Tisoki and Grabbitz had us on our toes across the duration of ‘Rolls Royce’. Onward, silky synths come together with infectious percussion, leading to another heavy musical movement. Overall, the song has us impressed with how it utilizes the dichotomy between the heavy aspects and the soft. Moreover, the stunning sound design is a notable point, and it would be unfair to put it to the side!

Listen to Tisoki and Grabbitz merge their distinct sounds together on ‘Rolls Royce’ via Monstercat below!