Florida‘s Sunset Music Festival will move forward this Memorial Day Weekend, according to an update made on social media. As COVID-19 cases drop and vaccines are distributed, organizers are confident the event will take place this May.

Future attendees have been curious as to whether the Tampa music festival will be able to take place this summer. It seemed as if its arrival would never come, especially when the festival was moved several times. However, the Sunset Team will be making its return this year official.

According to the statement, organizers will work with the Tampa Sports Authority, the local government, and the health community to ensure the festival takes place safely. They state,

“Sunset has always strived to create safe (and amazing) spaces for us to be together – and we’re working to do the same now.”

Sunset Music Festival will be sharing more news about the event soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

Sunset Music Festival 2021 update.