Space Jesus has filed a lawsuit against an accuser of the sexual assault allegations made against him. The bass artist, also known as Jasha Tull, shares a statement about the suit and explains his innocence.

Tull faced a series of sexual assault allegations in June 2020. Many of them were documented from an Instagram page with the handle @evidenceagainstspacejesus. The page bio states that his accuser, Michaela Higgins, is under control of the account. Posts made about the dance music producer captured statements of sexual assault, drug use, and inappropriate behavior towards women under age 18.

Space Jesus posted a statement on Twitter about his suit against Higgins. He reveals the lawsuit is for the “wrongful acts and harm” she has caused him for over four years.

Before going into further detail, the bass artist speaks about his love for electronic music since he was a child. He recognizes the dance music scene comes with “issues of safety, consent and substance use.”

“As a man who’s grown in this society through this time. I’ve realized there is more to learn,” Tull states. “Recognizing this has made me, and I hope many other men, think more deeply about how I interact in the world and my overall interpersonal understanding.”

Space Jesus shares his support for women’s rights and “the universal right to be free from harrasment and non-consensual sexual contact.” Therefore, this is why he has “chosen to take this step” in responding to false allegations made about him.

At the end of the statement, Tull explains his relationship with Michaela Higgins, explaining they had a consenting relationship in 2016. Since then, he states that Higgins has “admitted to threatening” him “numerous times.” According to the statement, Space Jesus has tried to find an “amicable resolution” for the both of them. However, she would “sometimes feign agreement, only to renew contact” with him.

The bass producer has released all legal documents and his statements to the public. You can view them here.