SONOS Unveils Portable Roam Speaker

SONOS keeps presenting new products for audiophiles. This time, the American company announced a new portable speaker named SONOS Roam. Despite SONOS being known for its high-quality products, it is also fair to say that their products are not cheap. Now, the company presents its most affordable speaker yet.


This new product is designed to be used on the go. Amongst its impressive features, it offers around 10-hour battery life on a single charge, wireless Qi charging dock, and it is waterproof for up to 30 minutes. As another product of the SONOS family, the Roam also has a connection to an extra speaker of the brand. Besides, SONOS Roam also offers the possibility to swap to the nearest speaker by pressing and holding play/pause button.

SONOS Roam Offer Many Innovative Features

On top of that, SONOS Roam does a great job when managing WiFi connections as it is able to automatically switch between available connections. The device is able to detect the distance with the source and switch from WiFi to Bluetooth. This wonderful feature improves connectivity, which was a huge problem for portable speakers. Regarding the hardware of the device, it contains two class-H amps, one tweeter, one mid-woofer driver, and a Trueplay system. Besides, SONOS Roam also has a functionality that automatically equalizes the sound depending on its surroundings.

As with every SONOS device, the Roam connects to the SONOS infrastructure. It offers a bunch of radio stations from the Chemical Brothers, FKA Twigs, and more. As it could not be otherwise it also integrates the usual streaming services like Spotify, TIDAL and Apple Music.

After the arrival of SONOS Arc, the Dolby Atmos Soundbar, now it is the perfect moment for a more portable device. This new speaker comes in at $169 and is available from April 20th. Find out more here.