Rezz Gives A Sneak Peek of deadmau5 Collab Track

Rezz started the year off strong with a remix of ‘Violence‘, and now she’s collaborating with deadmau5. This collaboration comes shortly after the release of ‘Sacrificial‘ with PVRIS. But, this possible project with deadmau5 is something that’s been hinted at for years.

Now, in 2021, it’s finally official. She recently confirmed the project in a tweet, and thanked fans for sending creative vibes during the track’s inception.

Rezz confirms the collab in this tweet and thanks fans for sending creative vibes.

Two recent posts featured a sneak peek of what’s to come. It’s clear from Rezz’s updates that the artists met up and are currently working on the track. While the snippets are short, Rezz’s signature dark and brilliant sound is present. As of now, it’s succinctly titled ‘Rezzmau5‘, but we’re beyond excited to hear the final product.

The two previews of ‘Rezzmau5’ are below.