Red Rocks Asks State for Permission to Host 2,500 Capacity Events

Amid reports that the state is considering relaxing COVID-19 rules for event venues, Colorado’s iconic entertainment venue Red Rocks may be able to host events for up to 2,500 people in soon. In the best case, the capacity will be even larger for events in summer.

2,500 people represents only a 25% capacity of the venue, but marks a huge step from the 175-capacity events held last year. Brian Kitts, Red Rocks’ director of communications, aims to increase to 80% capacity by the end of summer.

Of course, social distancing measures will still be in place; groups will have to stay six feet apart and masks remain mandatory.

A good number of events are already planned for the rest of the year, the first featuring Galantis and 3LAU on April 23. Check the full event calendar here!