Rebūke returns for his third EP called Wasp under the legendary Drumcode Label. The EP proves why he is one of the most innovative artists within the techno scene.

It seems like yesterday that young Rebuke released his first big single ‘Along Came Polly’. The Irish producer began to captivate Drumcode audiences and techno in general with his singles ‘Rattle’ and ‘Obscurity. Both productions are interesting and innovative in more ways than one.

The artist pushes himself each time to create fresh sounds with each release. This has made it a success for both critics and the public audience as we saw several of his songs on the radio charts.

Rebuke Wasp EP

Wasp’ is the lead track and boldly features his signature sound. The track is a synapse-searing belter perfect for the dance floor. ‘Clarity’ and ‘Redemption’ are slices of cinematic techno, drawing as much inspiration from film soundtracks, as they do from the rave scene, reinforcing the artist’s expansive, creative approach.

‘Redemption’ will be familiar to many, having been highlighted in Rebūke’s acclaimed Essential Mix last summer. It continues on the same thematic trip, a stirring widescreen composition, powerful and emotive; it’s destined to be an end-of-night tear-jerker, once it’s safe for parties to return.

From start to finish it provides an intense journey that transports you to climax time on a set. In summary, Rebūke’s latest EP is a masterpiece that you don’t want to miss.

You can listen to Rebūke’s Wasp EP below!