nowifi & LissA – Summer Goodbyes

Bringing their talents together again, nowifi and LissA collaborated to form ‘Summer Goodbyes‘ which is out via Soave. Vocals and electropop hooks come to us on the track, acting as the third collaboration between the German-Dutch producer and German singer. Throughout, the collaboration delivers a moving and warm spark that has us moving in our seats.

nowifi and LissA form a seamless team, in this instance delivering bass-laced grooves. Beginning, light guitar playing instantaneously combine with bass-led movements in which pianos conjoin. Besides, the vocal delivery brings a distinct shine to the mix. Furthermore, the chorus kicks the instrumental up and highlights the movements and melodies that leave an infectiously danceable touch.

Listen to nowifi conjoin with LissA to release ‘Summer Goodbyes’ via Soave below.