Making a name for himself, NICOLAS is here to provide us with his debut EP which is titled FORGET TO FEEL. The producer took his time carefully assembling this body of work, and it features 3 new tracks. Furthermore, the three tracks mark the introduction, and the 2 which wrap up the EP. This plan highlights NICOLAS’ distinct vision to form an ebb and flow movement, signaled by previously released singles.

“FORGET TO FEEL is my first EP, the first body of work that I ever put out. I’ve been in the process of writing it for more than a year now, it’s inspired by my whole journey as a human being as well as the world of constant change that we live in. I see it as a collection of memories, of moments that I felt like I needed to share with the world.

NICOLAS – press release

Throughout, the artist tactfully brings together a harmonious fusion between both melodic and deep house. A sense of nostalgia is heavily imbued into the producer’s work, and each track connects with another. Nonetheless, each is boasting a personalized sound, but the distant fade of connection provides a reminiscent sensation akin to nostalgia. With that articulate concept in mind, we’re looking forward to hearing how he expands upon his sonic world.

Listen to NICOLAS deliver his captivating debut EP, FORGET TO FEEL, below.