Native Instruments & iZotope Team Up to Form New “Technology Group”

In a joint message to the public, two major music software companies shared some exciting news last Thursday. As a result, iZotope and Native Instruments will officially work side-by-side in a new technology group, backed by Francisco Partners and EMH Partners. The CEOs of both corporations will act as co-presidents of the new group; it’s also worth noting that both companies will continue to exist independently.

Simply put, the idea is to make music production easier, particularly for new users. Both CEOs expressed in detail their thought process behind the move:

“As more and more people get into music-making and audio production, they’re looking for better and easier ways to realize their ideas or to get started on their journey. To take an idea out of their head and put it into the world, or to put the finishing touches on their project. Together, iZotope and Native Instruments will be able to break down barriers and make it easier for producers, engineers, and musicians to realize their creative vision”.

Apparently, the team-up between iZotope and Native Instruments is something that has been cooking for a long time. They stated that there have been many times in the past where the idea of joining forces came up. Despite some past collaborations, there was never an official partnership like this one.

In all cases, music producers will surely enjoy this collaboration. Whether there is a completely new DAW in the works or simply other cool plugins on the way, innovation will be a part of it.

“Our imaginations are already running wild thinking of the ways we can make things better and easier for you. With the combination of our talent and technology, we can’t wait to see what you will create”.

Sounds inspiring.