Lucid Motors are preparing to release their first vehicle, the Lucid Air sedan. The futuristic sedan will provide another electric vehicle option to consumers and is packed with unique features. Just today, the company revealed that the upcoming car will be the first automobile to include Dolby Atmos. Initially, you’d think that type of sound quality would only be found in a movie theater or a home theater. Not anymore!

Automotive is a natural extension for the incredible experience of music in Dolby Atmos, and we are excited to bring this to the world with Lucid.

The Dolby Atmos setup is made up of 21 carefully laid out speakers. They are placed in specific locations, all based on the car’s cabin design. The “surreal sound” system will undoubtedly bring your music to a studio level. In Lucid’s press release, they stated how their collaboration with Dolby will allow them to bring “multi-dimensional sound”.

Moreover, the Dolby Atmos setup will also provide extra safety to the driver and passengers. According to Lucid, the system can deliver:

“acoustic signaling of notifications, indications, warnings, and all other audio emitted to alert the driver and passengers”.

Nonetheless, we can all agree that a Dolby Atmos sound system would definitely make trips with friends even more enjoyable. Lucid Motors is not expected to commence deliveries till the second half of 2021. The Lucid Air with Dolby Atmos is not cheap at $131,500 but you can check out the car’s features for free here.

Lucid Air and Dolby Atmos