Lightning in a Bottle Delays Event For Second Year, Now Slated For 2022

Last year, California-based festival Lightning in a Bottle caused quite a ruckus when they cancelled their 2020 event due to the pandemic and initially decided not to offer refunds. They eventually realized their mistake after much backlash, issued an apology, and offered a refund option – while also shedding light on their financial situation and the dire effects that the pandemic has had on the events organizers, the Do LaB.

Unfortunately, it looks like 2021 will not be the year for Lightning in a Bottle to return either. In a letter published by the Do LaB team, they shared:

Remember when we used to put our arms around each other, talk to strangers, and dance the night away? We do, and after the year we’ve all had we’d give anything to do that again with all of YOU. Unfortunately, we are still in the throes of this pandemic and despite promising vaccine news for later this year, we believe 2021 is still too soon for a safe and fun festival. 

The festival is now slated for Memorial Day weekend in 2022. In the meantime, they will host their second annual DGTL LIB event on Memorial Day weekend later this year.

After hearing from The Do LaB about their financial struggles to stay afloat as they cancelled their 2020 event, we hope that they’ll be able to survive into 2022.

Check out the full letter below, or read it on the LiB website.