Lastlings Drop Live Acoustic EP

Electro sibling duo Lastlings are back with a live acoustic EP. It features four songs out of their 2020 sci-fi inspired album, First Contact.

This new EP manages to encapsulate the darker and gloomier vibe Lastlings has to offer and that was present in First Contact. Acoustic guitar and piano replace the gentle synths and dark beats. The tracks featured also have a slower, deconstructed feel to their electronic infused counterparts.

Ultimately, it differs from the 2020 album because it has a sort of roughness and realness that live music uniquely offers, and the acoustic instruments truly allow the vocals of Josh and Amy to shine.

Both the 2020 album and the acoustic EP have a lot to offer, and are brilliant pieces in different ways. But if you’re a Lastlings fan, this is definitely worth checking out. Tracks included in the live acoustic EP are ‘Deja Vu’, ‘Take My Hand’, ‘Out of Touch’, and ‘No Time’.