LA Riots Teams Up With Max Styler And Laura White On ‘I Call That Love’ Via REALM

LA Riots unites alongside Max Styler and Grammy nominated Laura White to create ‘I Call That Love‘. The track is out now via Gorgon City‘s imprint, REALM, marking their debut release on it. Previously, both LA Riots and Max Styler highlighted their capability to produce music together through their release on Toolroom. With both producers also riding their own separate waves of success, they featured on Dim Mak, MadDecent, and Spinnin’ to name a few.

First of all, the track is heavily driven by the powerful vocal delivery by Laura White. Nonetheless, this does not discount the powerful bass and groove which is highlighted further through the synth melodies soaring above. In addition, the club-ready production doesn’t leave much to be desired. Taking into consideration how the energy elevates throughout, we’re left with an infectious track.

Listen to LA Riots, Max Styler, and Laura White unite on their collaboration, ‘I Call That Love’ via Gorgon City’s REALM label below.