Justin Bieber’s New Album, ‘Justice’ Features Skrillex and More

Not only are EDM artists stepping up their game when it turns to producing and production, they are also infiltrating other genres. Not long ago, Madeon, Boys Noize and Tchami helped with Lady Gaga’s no. 1 sixth album, Chromatic. Next up, we’ve got some of the biggest names in EDM providing support to another legendary name in music.

Enter Justin Bieber. With 167 million follows on his Instagram page alone, it’s hard to not recognize the name. Up next for the pop artist a huge new album, dropping Friday, titled Justice. Justin’s sixth studio album is going to contain EDM’s most lovable artists.

First up, we have Skrillex. While Sonny hasn’t put out an album himself, he loves using his talents on other’s work. On Justin’s album, he appears on the tracks “2 Much”, “Somebody”, and “Loved By You”. But it doesn’t stop there. Virtual Riot also so-produced “2 Much”! Finally, we have TroyBoi collaborating on the album with a song titles “Red Eye”.

There has been some controversy with the album, specifically the logo for Bieber’s album. Weirdly enough, Justin’s album cover looks awfully similar to the extraordinary Justice, the duo that is part of the EDM genre. Take a look and read more about it here.

The album is set to be a sure fire piece of work by the infamous singer and will bring light to our EDM boys who had a hand in it. Check back on Friday to EDMTunes to hear the album!