Gorgon City Teams Up With Hayden James and Nat Dunn On ‘Foolproof’

Hayden James, Gorgon City, and Nat Dunn are here to deliver their brand new song titled ‘Foolproof’, and the new collaboration is an instant classic.

Hayden James. Gorgon City. Nat Dunn on the vocals. What could go wrong? Absolutely nothing. This song goes hard, in a deep way. James proves he’s still got that amazing house sound pinned, and Gorgon City’s formula is just impeccable.

Hayden James, Gorgon City & Nat Dunn Unite For The Ultimate House Anthem  'Foolproof'


About the track, Hayden James commented:

“Foolproof is a very special record for me… I’m such a big fan of Gorgon City and of course, Nat Dunn and this song came together so naturally in the studio. Great to have this record out, as it was the last studio session I had before lockdown.”

This collaboration is just a natural fit. It unites two breakout dance acts, with a beautiful set of vocals that blend pop sensibilities and deep house.

Nat Dunn, who handles vocals on the track declared:

“Foolproof’ is about unanticipated romance in a world where I was moving so fast for so long – I had never stood still. It was the anchoring effect of that love that felt like anything was possible.”

Gorgon City, Hayden James & Nat Dunn’s latest track is here to turn your house upside down. Maybe, if we’re lucky enough, we’ll manage to catch its first live performance when Gorgon City take the stage for the already sold-out Back To Love music festival in London, set to take place June 2021, covid-19 permitting.

Stream Gorgon City, Hayden James, and Nat Dunn’s new track ‘Foolproof’ below!