DJ Jounce – My Ecstacy

Los Angeles based electronic music producer DJ Jounce released his track ‘My Ecstasy‘, alongside a remix by Jaureguii via Room Trip Music. With that in mind, the original track brings on a unique spin and style through the remix. Overall, both the original and remix bring the vocal touch to the forefront. However, they create a contrast from one-another providing differential takes on the same concept.

On one hand, the original takes a thumping and house-oriented groove along with spacious pads. It then creates a grooving that places the focus on the bass notes beside the percussive elements. On the other hand, Jaureguii takes a magnifying glass toward the deep elements and forms a more melodically oriented track, more suited for clubby environments. Nonetheless, the differential entirely lies within the environment in which they’re played, and both have a space to exist in their own right.

Listen to DJ Jounce present ‘My Ecstacy’ alongside a remix by Jaureguii via Room Trip Music below.