Deadmau5‘s cat, Meowingtons, has launched an official OnlyFans Account. Yes, we’re serious.

Known to be the first pet to join the social platform, Meowingtons will give Deadmau5 lovers access to all exclusive content related to the cat’s daily life. The profile bio reads “Just a cat living his best life on onlyfans.”

The page already has 20 posts hidden behind a paywall. Therefore, those ready for a cuteness overload can check out the profile.

Meowingtons was rescued from The Toronto Humane Society in 2007 by Deadmau5. With the massive popularity of the mau5 star, the cat has shared some time in the spotlight. In 2017, deadmau5 suspected a woman named Emma Basiri of profiting off his Meowingtons content. According to Billboard, he petitioned to strip her of the trademark. However, there is no information on the results.