Day Zero Masada Returns This September

Day Zero Masada returns this year, set to take place September 9th-10th, 2021. Get ready to be Dwellers of the Dead Sea. Join this Israeli Desert Rave for all ages at the base of a gorgeous mountain. Moreover, Damien Lazarus curates its eclectic lineup for a weekend under the bright, shining sun.

Previous artists included Gorgon City, Jamie Jones, Bedouin, and more. His unique experience all started in 2012, where he wanted to create a community of creative nomads celebrating the Mayan calendar. Masada is named for the cultural site it takes place on. Attendees can party from sunset to sunrise.

“There was something mystical that arose at the foot of Masada with 15,000 dancers moving to the same beat under a rising desert sun. I am completely blown away by the vibe shared by every person who put their trust in [me], my team, and our amazing artists. [We] created something truly one of a kind together.”

Damian Lazarus, to Wonderland Magazine

Cultivating a festival of this magnitude and style took many talks with government officials, historians, police, and others invested in the venue’s sanctity. For those that don’t know, the site was once inhabited by Jewish revolt survivors back in 73 A.D. They hid from 8,000 Roman soldiers for seven years, where their historical significance lives on in history today.

Day Zero Masada derived from its flagship show in Tulum. Now, the event sees multiple crowds connected through dance music and ancient cultures. Its beautiful location was the first of its kind, hence its name. Lazarus also told Billboard that he wanted others to connect with Bedouin tribes and the wandering people. Masada is the next step.

Stay tuned for more information along with its lineup. Until then, you can read about our event review here.